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I'm a storyteller

When I was a kid, the people I admired most were the ones with the stories. Those who could tell you what the dirt smells like at a bull fight. The kind of folks who measured their education not by the diplomas on their walls but by the stamps in their passports.

So I decided very early on that I wanted to put a lot of miles on my tires and make each one of those miles something worth writing home about. Today, my pursuits as an author, magazine editor and ghostwriter have turned my childhood love of storytelling into a lifelong obsession.


Professionally ...

For the last ten years, I have served as the editor of N Magazine, a seasonal lifestyle publication based on the Island of Nantucket. During that time, I have authored two critically-acclaimed books Tracking the Wild Coomba: The Life of Legendary Skier Doug Coombs and The Road to San Donato: Fathers, Sons and Cycling Across Italy. I've also contributed to a number of publications including Departures, Esquire, Outside and Luxury.


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