"The book, lovingly told and tightly paced, charts their journey, the mishaps, strains, triumphs, giving sense of a place, a history, a series of fathers, and the spinning wheel of time that binds them together. " 

--The Boston Globe


Ben Mezrich 

New York Times Bestselling Author

"The Road To San Donato 

is an absolute delight.

Poignant, uplifting, powerful--

a father and son journey that’s part adventure, part soulful family memoir. Had me reading late into the night, not wanting it to end. Beautifully written from the

first page.”

Paul Theroux

New York Times Bestselling Travel Author

“[The Road to San Donato]

is a wonderful book, and an

inspiration - I'd love to take a

bike trip like this in time and

space with my children.”

Wendy Hinman

Foreword Reviews

"Cocuzzo's satisfying travel story The Road to San Donato is about honoring family connections and self-discovery in the context of history...The Road to San Donato is a moving multigenerational American immigrant story about returning home in search of history and making peace with the past to forge a new future."


"You don't have to be a skier

to fall under the spell of this masterfully told tale of adventure, tragedy, and redemption. 

Rob Cocuzzo's Tracking the Wild Coomba is a thrilling, unputdownable read."

-- Nathaniel Philbrick


Jeremy Hobson

Host of NPR's Here & Now

"Tracking the Wild Coomba is a thrilling read -- a re-tracing of the sometimes terrifying tracks of a legendary skier. It's also a joy to read, thanks to the beautiful writing of Rob Cocuzzo. His admiration for Doug Coombs comes across in every page, as does his enviable sense of adventure." 

Jimmy Chin

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker

"Doug Coombs was an inspiration to me and so many others on and off the mountain. Now, here is an insightful look at the life of a legend." 

Jeremy Jones

Backcountry Snowboarding Pioneer

"Doug Coombs had a huge impact on my life; much of my overall approach to mountains comes from his example. I am so grateful that, thanks to author Rob Cocuzzo, I now have the complete story of what influenced one of my biggest heroes."